Equaly, as a partner

Looking for partners

To realize the therapeutic potential of innate immunity, Equaly is always open to collaborations with partners who share our main objectives. If your company is wanting to help patients by curing the very heart of a disease, then we would love to hear from you.

We are looking for partners who are at the crossroads of immunology, genetics or translational research. If you are working on:

  • Existing treatments that could be improved by reducing their immunogenicity (e.g. biologicals, vaccines or viral vectors for gene therapy)
  • Novel therapies that could use our insights into the innate immune system (e.g. treatments for chronic intracellular pathogens, cancer or autoimmune diseases)

Then please

core activity

with Equaly

There are different ways your company can benefit from working with Equaly. A collaboration with us gives you access to our expertise in innate immunology and the Equaly technology platform that can help you to develop or improve your company’s therapy. You can access these assets through various models:

Service-based agreements

If your company is seeking another type of arrangement, Equaly also offers our dedicated expert support on a fee-for-service basis.

Collaborations & licensing agreements

These deals generally include exclusivity, coupled with upfronts, milestones and royalties, that enable us to share development risks and benefits. You can also choose to keep full control of your development. Depending on the format of the deal and the strategic sensitivity, our partnership can be designed to include specific associated partners, including for example academia, research centers, SMOs and patient organizations.

Our own research

Complementary to our licensing and development activities, we also reserve a portion of Equaly’s assets and capacities for our own R&D work which is open to co-development agreements.

Other types of partnerships

In addition to collaborating with product-based biotech companies, Equaly is also seeking other types of partners to support our research and help us to address unmet medical needs in multiple immunological disorders.

Seed and early growth VC

Philantropy, foundations & charities

Patient organizations, clinicians and other civil society actors

If you are a member of one of these groups, please get in touch to find out how you can help us to help patients